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Technical Designer - Programmer
Plenty of experience using Unity and C#. Experienced in design and programming. Link to my portfolio with video links to all my public work. http:/...
Saku Säisä
Game Programmer - Programmer
Experienced Game Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in OS X, Linux,...
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Curio Assets
Jul 24, 2018
PlayFab Leaderboard & Facebook Login
Scott H. Cameron
Feb 18, 2018
Viglo's WordTap
Take the role of an employee and answer common questions you encounter in a real job! Be a cashier in a Fast food Diner, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Sports Center, and MORE! Or take a role of an interviewee applying for a job. Playing the game is very easy! A computer asks you questions and you tap on the words in the correct order to respond! Rinse and repeat...
Jack Mariani
Jun 25, 2019
Make your Own Slime Shop