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Ian Baugh
Camisao Entertainment - Owner
For the last 10 years I’ve wanted to make games or, even, one game; As a small handful of you might know, I came pretty close to a half finished...
Juan Esteban Zapata Acevedo
3D animator, specialized in organic modeling and animation, I can performance as a generalist, I have cknowledge in pre and post producttion also...
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Unity Technologies
Jul 11, 2019
Manager, Performance Marketing B2B
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Unity Technologies is seeking a Senior Manager, Performance Marketing B2B to drive our paid channels across all programs. In this role, you will drive a team of talented individuals to (a) support our B2B Account-based marketing e...View Detail
Unity Technologies
Aug 22, 2019
Software Developer, Diagnostics and Performance / Développeur de logiciels, diagnostiques et performance
Montréal, Canada
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Do you want to work on a service that thousands of game developers use daily? Want to help enthusiasts and indie game developers work together to create the next Cuphead, Monument Valley, or Superhot?  Want to help us figure out h...View Detail
Programming for art installations & performances
Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
*英文の後に日本語テキストがございます。**Introduction**Cosmic Lab is a small audio-visual art company in Osaka that puts on innovative shows and events using Unity. We are currently looking for creative programmers willing to wo...View Detail
Unity Multiplayer
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Warren Wang
Dec 21, 2018
Performance Optimization Primer - Part 1
Performance Optimization Primer - Part 1
Move Fast and Break Things
Pro Mouse
Unity China
Aug 10, 2018
Unity Performance Reporting 测试
Unity Performance Reporting 测试
现在当手游准备上线对外发布时,都需要能够在服务器上记录每一个游戏客户端的各种异常和崩溃日志,方便开发人员分析日志修改bug。以前使用Unity开发的手游需要通过第三方SDK来实现这个功能,这就要求开发人员需要在游戏内配置接入SDK,实现日志记录,同时iOS和Android的配置方式也有差异,对于开发人员不够友好。 现在Unity引擎已经内置了一套可以进行异常与崩溃日志记录的服务——Performance Reporting。下面我们来看看如何使用它。
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直播: Unity移动游戏性能分析工具UPA详解(12月26日周二晚上 20:00-21:00 )
920 Members
本次直播,我们将为大家演示并介绍11月刚发布的Unity和腾讯WeTest平台合作开发的性能分析工具UPA。腾讯产品经理李其美将向大家现场演示UPA的具体使用方法,包括如何使用UPA手机客户端,如何使用UPA线上报告,以及线上报告中的每一页数据的应用场景。此外,Unity技术经理孙志鹏还会以一份真实的UPA测试报告为例,为大家进一步介绍,当我们获取到一份UPA报告时,针对报告中的问题该如何进一步定位和优化。本课程将涵盖以下知识点 1. UPA使用方法:覆盖功能介绍、工具下载、客户端使用、生成报告等各个环节。 2. UPA报告解读:详细介绍报告页每个页面的作用以及各个指标的含义。 3. 基于一份具体报告的定位和优化演示:如何使用UPA报告迅速定位性能瓶颈。直播时间:12月26日周二晚上 20:00-21:00 直播课程:Unity移动游戏性能分析工具UPA详解 直播讲师:Unity技术支持团队+腾讯WeTest产品团队(孙志鹏、其美) 课程受众:对Unity游戏优化感兴趣的开发者