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Peter Law
Game Designer/ Unity Developer - Programmer
I am a games designer and Unity developer, a highly motivated and enthusiastic one, with a natural ability to learn new technology, software and...
Pawan Verma
Beginer - Student
A simple Person who loves playing games limitless. I love challenges , new task make me feel great . A work which seems impossible , I like to do...
Petrus Eloff
No description
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Exam Program Manager
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Unity is seeking an Exam Program manager to support the Education Product team with Unity’s certification offerings for Higher Education (college/post-secondary) and Professionals.Building a Certification requires detailed resear...View Detail
Unity Technologies
Sep 10, 2019
Principal Software Engineer, Data Platform
Bellevue, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
 Data on a massive scale is at the “heart” of Unity. It is data that allows our developers to critique and improve their games, and it is data that allows our developers to monetize all their hard work. Our Data Platform Team em...View Detail
Machine Learning Graphics Intern
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Our Machine Learning Graphics team wants to redefine the process of content generation by exploring the intersection of Machine Learning and Graphics - from material generation to texture creation to environment content authoring,...View Detail
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Unity China
Unity Labs 新一代AR/MR工具:Project MARS
Unity Labs 新一代AR/MR工具:Project MARS
Project MARS是Unity针对混合和增强现实的新一代工具包,专注于帮助创作者,创作能在世界任何地方运行的空间计算体验和游戏。工具包包含两个主要部分:一个Unity的拓展手机伴侣应用,和AR头戴式显示器(HMDs) 作者:Timoni West,2019年10月2日
Oct 12, 2019
[MWU]《THE PEAK》莎拉梦幻奇遇记第二部
[MWU]《THE PEAK》莎拉梦幻奇遇记第二部
日本动画公司Marza又一Made with Unity实时渲染动画作品
sergey yurin
Feb 9, 2018
Sci-Fi UI Components Pack
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Show off your current work-in-progress, from individual pieces to full projects! Guidelines:If you create a post in here make sure it’s your property or that you have the legal rights in order to do so, being it your game / project / personal / work.Please provide a description of your work and a link to your Unity Connect project or an external links showcasing your project at your posts.You canfeel free to upload photos and videos for your project.Please be courteous with your feedback.Support your feedback with evidence being it offered from technical or creative stand points.Compliment your feedback with helpful samples or informational pointers, don’t offer bland or otherwise subjective feedback.
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