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Michael Oakes
Unity Certified Developer/Programmer - Designer
Unity Certified Developer and a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Developer working with Desktop and Mobile, also working with Vuforia, ARCore and...
Juan Camilo Garcia Cano
Bachelor Student - Student
Computer Science Related Career student (Systems Engineer) currently on ninth semester , Single, Developing Video-games on Unity since 2013. ...
Sébastien Kerbrat
Deep Learning Enthusiast - Programmer
Driven and curious software engineer with a broad skill set. From user-centered design and web development to game development and deep learning. I'm...
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Unity Technologies
May 23, 2019
Research Scientist (PhD.) AI@Unity
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
We are looking for an exceptional researcher to join Unity’s ML-Agents team within AI@Unity. The ML-Agents team is an applied research team focused on: 1. Enabling Unity as a premier simulation platform for Artificial Intelligenc...View Detail
Unity Technologies
Sep 10, 2019
Principal Software Engineer, Machine Learning, AI@Unity
Bellevue, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Today, we’ve built the industry’s leading gaming and simulation engine with our runtime running on billions of devices.  We are moving forward on creating a whole new line of products and services centered around running massive...View Detail
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Unity China
Sep 21, 2018
Unity机器学习代理ML-Agents Toolkit v0.5发布
Unity机器学习代理ML-Agents Toolkit v0.5发布
Jan 29, 2018
Jump(跳一跳) with ML-Agents
Jump(跳一跳) with ML-Agents
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刘 诗剑
Jun 15, 2018
My First ML-Agent project
Machine Learning is very interesting and it's cool to use that with Unity!