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Daniel Acosta Ortiz
Mechatronics Egineer - Student
Love IoT, Engineering, and averything related with programming.
Antoine Kenneth Odi
Mr. - Programmer
Currently studying game programming in Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I also graduated from University of Adelaide with a degree in Mechatronic...
Lucas Rolim Laricchia
Mechatronics engineering - Student
I'm a Engineer thats loves too much games and programming.
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Stefan Mensen
Nov 15, 2017
Craft Mechatronica
Job description: For this project i was responsible for recreating the machines in the our engine this involved modeling, texturing and particle effects. Game description: CRAFT Mechatronica is a digital learning program for students to get to know the tools they will be using in the future.
Ugur Ister
Dec 8, 2016
Mechatronics Animator