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Franck Poulhon
Solo developer - Designer
Hello! I speak English and French. I am a multi-task gamedev! I am stuck in the 90s, I can develop, I can draw stuff, but what passionates me the most...
José Victor Santos Rodriguez
What do you mean "title"? As in my specialty? - Artist
I'm a young artist and game developer with a passion for 90's JRPGs and survival horror!~ I just made this account because why not, but I haven't...
Eunpyoung Kim
Programmer - Programmer
I am Korean. and I'm living in tokyo. I'd like to try something new. through various projects, I know the importance of planning, schedule, and...
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Neo Su
Jun 28, 2017
The Legend of Matsuhime
Jul 15, 2019
It would seem you've... "lost", your body. Where could it have gone? Why does that person over there who looks vaguely familiar have it? Why did you explode out of a jar? What are you? Why did you originally look like a blue flame but now a stupid white kid? That's weird. Whatever. Anyway, the game-play is like a mix of Paper Mario and Earthbound. Heavy JRPG elements...
Madcat Games
Mar 16, 2018
[MWU Korea '18] Dragon Lore / Madcat Games
고전 명작 JRPG들의 전투 시스템과 스토리를 계승하여 현대적으로 개선한 정통 SRPG가 여러분에게 다가갑니다! PC & 콘솔 게임 '드래곤 로어'!!