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ivideo reading
May 18, 2018
Unity Programmer
Herndon, United States
Part Time
0 - 2 years experience
Our mission is to teach kids how to read through fun, interactive games. We take kids step by step through the early reading process, all the way to being an efficient reader. It is our goal to provide education to all students,...View Detail
Unity Technologies
Dec 13, 2018
Senior Account Executive
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Unity Technologies is looking for an ambitious, adaptable and driven Senior Account Executive to join our Corporate Sales team in San Francisco. In this role, you will be an important part of our growing Corporate sales (AMER) to ...View Detail
Jan 17, 2019
Senior Unity3d Developer -Remote- Europe Time Zone
Netherlands - Spain - Germany - France - United Kingdom
Full Time
5+ years experience
CVEDIA is a funded AI company that develops deep learning solutions for some of the largest organisations on the planet. Our computer vision simulation platform SynCity is the first of its kind - using gaming development tools and...View Detail
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Juicy Beast
Jan 17, 2017
Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
Burrito Bison is here and he’s brought friends! In the latest installment of one of the web’s most popular games, Burrito Bison teams up with new friends: Pineapple Spank and El Pollo to bounce, crack, eat cake, smack, fly, and soar through the skies to fend off the invasion of gummies! Stolen by an evil chef, Burrito Bison seeks out his cookbook to take back with him...
Late City Riders
The streets of Late City never stop, and neither do you. Cruise, leap, and fly from car to car through impossible cityscapes to make it to work on time and show your boss that you mean business. Late City Riders is a single player time trial game where your goal is to make it all the way through the twisting streets and massive jumps of each level to smash in through...
Daniel Learmonth
Apr 3, 2019
Automated Flying Taxi VR experience
Using VR to promote new technologies to the public.