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Vishal Kachalia
Business Developer - Executive
9+ years of experience with Specialized in Mobile games and mobile applications development. I have expertise available in below skills - Virtual...
Muhammad Bushnaq
Co-Founder of Obscure Games - Programmer
Highly-skilled Unity3D Development professional bringing more than [3] years in Game Development, development and integration. Advanced knowledge of ...
Julien OBER
Music Composer - Artist
I was born and grew in Paris, I was rocked from an early age in the music, between a mother fan of "sixties" and a father keen on classical music and...
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Joshua Levenson
Nov 9, 2018
Clawface is an intense, arcade-styled, twin-stick shooter where you play as an adorable robot equipped with crazy weapons and a giant face claw to fight endless waves of alien monsters!
Deleted User
Mar 25, 2019
Ascend out of the strange world by dodging falling objects from above. A bullet hell game where you move to one direction. Score by moving off-screen. The more you score, the harder it gets. Endless and replayable gameplay. Features of Declinant include: - Fast, Fun, and Skill-Based Gameplay Test out your concentration skills and your ability to pay attention to...
Sep 8, 2019
Snake Classic
Snake Classic is based on the Snake game from Nokia. The game includes two modes. One is endless survival mode in which snake keeps growing by eating frogs and mice. Other mode has series of levels in which snake needs to complete different targets.