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Bernd Eckstein
No description
Bryan edgardo Echenagucia Pineda
Venezolano #Lv.17. - Programmer
Soy Venezolano, tengo 17 años, Me encanta programar. Parte del Equipo: #KillahEntertaiment.
Raphael dos Santos Pinto
- Student
Estudante de unity, aprendendo a fazer jogos.
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Unity Technologies
May 19, 2019
Senior Software Engineer - Data Oriented Technology Stack
Burbank, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Unity reaches the world on the next billion devices, from entry-level mobile phones to the highest-end AAA games and runtimes need to be highly performance and scalable.  The Unity Data-Oriented Design team builds the tools to giv...View Detail
Unity Technologies
Jun 28, 2018
Senior Data Scientist, Games Economy Optimization
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
The Unity Monetization Team builds advertising and In-App Purchasing solutions and technologies used in hundreds of thousands of apps. Our Monetization team creates the technology infrastructure and systems that manages the delive...View Detail
Jul 15, 2019
U3D主程 20K-60K
Manila, Philippines
Full Time
5+ years experience
招募中级客户端、高级客户端、主程客户端岗位职责:1、使用Unity3D技术进行客户端开发;2、协同策划和美术,持续优化改善游戏品质;3、持续进行产品的性能优化;4、完成部分游戏工具和重要模块功能的开发;5、参与Unity3D游戏项目的系统逻辑、UI、工...View Detail
Unity 3D
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Tower Defense with ECS - Part 1
Tower Defense with ECS - Part 1
Preparing the Project and HELLO WORLD
Tomasz Piowczyk
Apr 5, 2019
Part 3: Unity ECS - operating on Entities
Part 3: Unity ECS - operating on Entities
How to do something with these entities?
Code Monkey
Jun 26, 2019
Unity ECS象限系统教程 (锁定目标/障碍避免/Boids算法)
Unity ECS象限系统教程 (锁定目标/障碍避免/Boids算法)
让我们一起在Unity ECS里制作象限系统,解决游戏中锁定目标,障碍避免等方位问题