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Nadya Stamatova
Ph.D., M.Arch., practicing architect, based in Varna, Bulgaria. Former university lecturer in architecture (VFU-Varna) and engineering design ...
Michael Duxbury
Self Taught Game Developer - Programmer
I'm an enthusiastic self taught game developer who has been using Unity as a way to develop design, programming, 3D art and animations skills in an...
Rahul Poundarik
RLIndia Staff - Programmer
I'm an aspiring game developer applying for courses in Canada this year. I've made a few small games and am working on a bigger project with my team....
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Matt Lopez
Apr 28, 2017
Super Sparty Bros.
Daniel Sanchez
Nov 20, 2016
Battle for our earth
Daria Piskozub
May 28, 2017
Box Shooter Project