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Tarah Peltz
Programmer/College Student - Programmer
I'm a senior in computer science engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and I will start full time at Microsoft in September. I'm currently...
Ryan Peterson
Business Analyst - Programmer
My name is Ryan Peterson. I'm a game developer from Colorado Springs. I developed a passion for games at a young age with games like Super Mario 64...
Julien Lynge
Technical Director - Programmer
I've been working in Unity for around 6 years, and did programming and engineering before that. I do visualizations, simulations, games, and more,...
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May 17, 2017 5:34 AM
Arctic Archives
2nd place winner for Arctic Game Jam at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado. Idea was to explore a polar region and recover data left behind by climate scientists. Built in less than 5 hours by Matthew Cooper, Ryan Doner, and myself.
Aug 1, 2017 6:14 PM
Rush 'Hower
Jessie Trucker (aka J.T.) is the best at trucking. J.T. just wants to go home to Las Vegas hauling some Colorado love... But when J.T. runs into ski rush hour in the icy Rocky Mountains, putting on the brakes leads to Just Trouble...