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Nadya Stamatova
Ph.D., M.Arch., practicing architect, based in Varna, Bulgaria. Former university lecturer in architecture (VFU-Varna) and engineering design ...
Nikolay Panamski
Vexilion Games - Owner
I am the programmer and owner of a small indie company called Vexilion Games. We are seated in Bulgaria, Sofia. No released titles yet, only scrapped...
Viktor Petrov
3D Artists and Animators - Artist
We are an Art Outsourcing Studio based in Bulgaria - Sofia. Our talent spans from 2D Art to 3D Modelling backed by the best artists in Bulgaria. We...
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Apr 11, 2017 5:16 PM
The Fallen Kingdom
The Game A third-person, open world, realistic RPG that will take you to Medieval Europe in a time of great upheaval and strife. A humble, young farmer loses everything to war. As he tries to avenge his dead family, Fate drags...
Oct 23, 2018 12:02 PM
Lions Bridge AR
A small project of visualizing the famous Sofia landmark in four time periods.