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3D Environment Artist - Artist
Hi ! My name is Noé Vincent and I am passionate about real time 3D ! My goal woud be to work on AAA Games as Environment Artist. I'm currently...
Benjamin Blake
Minister of Code - Programmer
Experienced Technology and Game Dude with a demonstrated history of working in the VR, gaming and e-learning industries. Brings strong engineering...
Jens Bengtsson
3D Concept artist - Artist
Concept artist. But I am also a design engineer, and as the hybrid I am I love to take on challenges balancing visual development and production...
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Design NPC Character Behavior Logic
Elkhart, United States
0 - 2 years experience
I need a unity programmer to help develop the behavior design for an enemy in our video game. Scripting behavior and pairing animations are a must. The enemy will have 20+ tasks. You will be aided by our lead programmer and...
Behavior Design
Jon Thorn
Feb 14, 2019
Import stacked tif and display on Looking Glass
Pleasanton, United States
0 - 2 years experience
I have a 3D file made up of 512 tif images.  I need to display it at a marketing tradeshow to show off the capabilities of the machine that created the image (an Optical Coherence Tomographer).  I have a Looking Glass holographic...
Full Stack Developer I
Columbus, United States
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
Full Stack DeveloperWho are we?We are MindForge, a division of the International Risk Management Institute. We create and publish interactive training that aims to give construction workers the mental tools they need to survive...
Web Development
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Nicolas Duboc
Nov 3, 2018
Beware the Werewolf - Environment
Hi everyone ! Some screenshots from my graduation video game mockup Beware the Werewolf ! These screenshots are showcasing the environment of the game. I have created all of the assets by myself. The mockup is made with Unity 2017...
Northwood Studios
Dec 17, 2018
SCP Secret Laboratory
SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer horror game, based on the famous SCP - Containment Breach by Undertow Games originally created in 2012. In order for the game's standards to be high, the Unity engine was used to provide...
Adnan Yousuf
Jan 14, 2018
PokéAdventure (Pokemon Game Demo)
As with all Pokémon role-playing games released for the Windows, PokeAdventure is a third-person, overhead perspective Game. The main screen is an overworld, in which the player navigates the protagonist. Here a menu interface may...
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Connect Challenges
1562 Members
Come discuss, ask questions, meet others participating in Unity Challenges. Starting Dec 1st, the Neon Challenge should be live! Check it out.
Asset Store
1114 Members
Channel for all Asset Store related discussion: Promote your assets, help with assets, or talk with publishers.Use this channel to promote and discuss free and commercial assets for use with Unity. These can be anything from scripts to plugins to complete projects. Assets must be available on the Asset Store and usable in a project, so please keep incomplete items in the Works in Progress section. Promotions and feedback requests for assets available from the Unity asset store are welcome. Feel free to use this channel to ask for recommendations on assets for your project.
726 Members
This channel is for admin announcements and for new product updates. Please feel free to provide feedback. Welcome to Unity Connect Discussion Channels! Please make sure to take a look at the rules and guidelines below as well as introduce yourself in the Introductions channel. Channels are sorted by topic on the left hand side. The channel topic and guidelines are listed at the top of each channel. Please make sure to read through the guidelines before posting. The current channels available are:Announcements - This channel is for administrative announcements and new product updates. Please feel free to provide feedback. Introductions - Introduce yourself to the community here!General Discussion - This channel is for overall game development and Unity development related discussions.Getting Started - So you’re new to Unity? No problem! We’ve got you covered. This place has been built specially for you, with all the needed resources and pointers to get you up and running as quickly as possible! Commercial: Job Seeking - Find paid work and advertise yourself to potential employers.Commercial: Job Hiring - Post Unity Connect jobs/tasks and revenue share opportunities here. Work In Progress - Show off your current work-in-progress projects!Non Commercial: Collaboration - Recruit a team, form a group, or offer help on projects you'd like to support or collaborate on. Non-commercial. To leave a channel, simply click on the Group Info icon and click on “Leave”. RULES:The Unity Development Network (Unity Connect Messenger, forums, answers and feedback) is a friendly place to ask questions and get help from other users on every aspect of Unity development. A set of rules and regulations have been created to ensure a healthy community and collaborative environment. The following are NOT permitted within the Unity Developer Network; a. Discussions on political issues as well as grey areas including but not limited to; religion, race and sex. b. Spamming, including duplicate threads or posts and advertising. c. Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour. d. The use of offensive language in any form. e. Discussions on pirated software or illegal activity. f. Trolling or off topic discussions. g. Hijacking threads. h. Posting personal information of any user. i. Pointless necro posting. j. Posting of embargoed or NDA closed beta information. k. Posting of confidential sales information provided by the sales team. l. Impersonate Unity staff/admin/moderator or any other community member​ Private messaging; Please do not send unsolicited advertising, spam and/or technical questions to any user via Private Message on the site. Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning and/or restricted access to the Unity Connect’s community, the severity of which is determined by the corresponding moderator in relation to the fair usage guidelines of the service. Any subsequent breaking of rules after receiving such a warning and you will be banned from the service. The length of time for the active ban will be determined by severity at the moderator’s discretion.Please note that if an offense is severe enough you may be permanently banned from the service without the need of a warning.All moderator decisions are final.Spam, abusive or threatening posts will be deleted as spotted.These rules are subject to change or amendment.Nor any department, persons, employees or volunteers of Unity Technologies will be held responsible for: a. Transactions or contracts formed between parties as a result of recruitment from the Unity Community. b. Resolving disputes on contracts or agreements formed as a result of recruitment from the Unity Developer Network. c. Resolving personal conflicts located outside the Unity Developer Network.​Any contract work acquired on Unity Connect is done entirely at your own risk, this is an open community on the internet so be wise. If you have a bad experience please resolve this issue with the relevant parties. The Support Team and Community Team are not legally trained and cannot offer you advice or resolution. If in doubt contact your local law enforcement agency or attorney for legal advice.The do’sStay on topic – Use threaded replies to continue discussing the same topic.Post in the correct channel – Look at the guidelines before posting.Be friendly and helpful – There are a huge array of skill levels in the Unity Connect community but we all started at square one.Search the forums before you post – The Forums and Answers are packed full of information so there may already be a solution.Good spelling and grammar – Not everyone is a native English speaker. Expressing correctly will increase the chances of getting the needed help or exposure.Be detailed – When posting about an issue include the version of Unity you are using and machine or device specs.Report Posts – Please abide by the rules in order to report any violations across the Unity Developer Network. Make sure you provide username(s) and an accurate (strict to the point) description of the issue. This is especially helpful in lengthy discussions.
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