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jim cheng
Game Programmer - Student
Store: Indie Game Developer And Asset Maker. Any question or need help with Assets...
Tim Chappell
Lead 3D Artist/ Game Designer - Designer
Diversified leader in cutting edge digital art technologies and pipelines. Certified Unity developer with exceptional skills in creative solutions for...
Manuel Marino
Music Composer for 'Hell Trip' Feature Film - Artist
Who is Manuel Marino? He worked with major feature films, MTV and accolades from experts in the industry!! hard working, keen to details and...
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junaid iqbal
Oct 9, 2019
Need Game asset designer
5+ years experience
im searching a game assets designer i will pay for my game plz meet me on my whats app number +923134321682
Sep 13, 2019
Setup character with UFPS asset
Saint Petersburg, Russia
0 - 2 years experience
Setup humanoid character(already have rig and ragdoll) in UFPS asset for first person view.Only basic shooting animation is required. No bullets or pooling.
UFPS : Ultimate FPS
Danny Chisholm
Nov 8, 2019
Convert 2016 Revit files to Unity Asset
Orlando, United States
0 - 2 years experience
Looking for a developer or designer that can assist with converting RVT files for use in Unity. The final 3D model looks like the attached. The files can currently be viewed in Revit. Unfortunately, my experience converting to som...View Detail
RVT Files
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解决Sprite Atlas打包Asset bundles时重复的问题
解决Sprite Atlas打包Asset bundles时重复的问题
解决Sprite Atlas打包Asset bundles时重复的问题
jim cheng
Sep 22, 2018
[Asset] MMO Tiger Mount
[Asset] MMO Tiger Mount
MMO Tiger Mount Asset Published
Kutsenko Dmitrii
Oct 15, 2019
RPG/FPS game assets set v6 industrial (available on assetstore)
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Asset Store
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Channel for all Asset Store related discussion: Promote your assets, help with assets, or talk with publishers.Use this channel to promote and discuss free and commercial assets for use with Unity. These can be anything from scripts to plugins to complete projects. Assets must be available on the Asset Store and usable in a project, so please keep incomplete items in the Works in Progress section. Promotions and feedback requests for assets available from the Unity asset store are welcome. Feel free to use this channel to ask for recommendations on assets for your project.
直播: 2018-01-17 Unity实现高级可配置化游戏AI系统
1191 Members
ScriptableObject介绍: 区别于绑定在每一个物体上的脚本组件MonoBehaviour,ScriptableObject通过数据资产(Asset) 来保存数据和代码。因此,我们可以利用ScriptableObject来保存共享数据。而且,由于ScriptableObject不包含transform等数据,相较于MonoBehaviour更加轻量级。内容: 本次直播,我们会使用之前介绍过的Tank项目。利用有限状态机(Finite State Machine)为坦克实现不同的AI行为,比如追逐,巡视等。当然更重要的是展示如何通过ScriptableObject来灵活的配置坦克的AI行为。学习目标: 创建基于有限状态机的AI系统 如何编写坦克的行为,决策以及状态切换直播人员: 成亮,马瑞 直播时间: 1 月 17号 晚上 8 点 适合受众:使用Unity进行游戏开发的相关人员
直播: 2017-12-13 快速创建2D游戏 Tilemap&Cinemachine 2D使用详解
1230 Members
12月13日晚8点,Unity技术团队的杨栋老师和马瑞老师要来讲2D啦! 此次直播,我们将使用Tilemap和Cinemachine 2D开发一个2D游戏。 Unity2017.2版本中发布的Tilemap功能,可以让您快速简单地创建2D关卡和加快开发迭代的速度。游戏设计师和关卡设计师可以在构建2D游戏世界时快速建立原型。 我们将研究如何使用新的Tile和Brush工具来绘制图层,这些工具允许您定义放置图块时的行为规则,创建具有动态边缘,动画图块,随机图块等内容的关卡。 另外我们也将介绍Cinemachine 2D功能。Cinemachine是一个动态的,程序化的高级虚拟相机系统,它可以很容易地自动合成镜头和跟踪游戏物体,大大提高游戏性,同时几乎不用任何代码就可以实现很酷的镜头效果。最新版本的Cinemachine已经全面支持开发2D游戏。 本课程将涵盖以下功能: Tile Asset Tile Palette Window Grid & Tilemap Components Tilemap & Composite 2D Colliders Custom Brushes (Prefab Brush) Custom Tiles (Rule Tile, Random Tile, Animated Tile) Cinemachine 2D Camera Rig 2D Camera Rig Confiner