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Kutsenko Dmitrii
Sci-Fi, Environment, CG artist - Artist
Hi guys how's it going? :D
Jonathan van Immerzeel
Technical Environment Artist - Artist
Currently not taking on any new projects ;) I'm an Technical Environment Artist with a natural curiosity that has driven me to the many nooks of game...
tomy Quân - Artist
Vui vẻ hòa đồng
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Need Art for Music Videos and Experiences
United States
0 - 2 years experience
Revenue sharing position!This position is for some help with artwork for about 20-30 music videos and interactive experiences to be created in Unity. You’d be responsible for design sketches and finished art based on documentatio...View Detail
2D Art
3D Art
Environment Art
Pryce Duncalf
Jul 29, 2019
Game art, character modeller
London, United Kingdom
3 - 5 years experience
Munk studios is looking for talented art workers to model and texture character assets for an AR game. If you are interested, please get in touch with rates and portfolios. Email​Kind regards. Pryce.
3D Art
Game UI, SFX & Art Content Developer
Huntsville, United States
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
Development of game UI for all control screens. Development of game play HUD, character and background content. Development of particle effects and other special effects.See MuzArcade in the App Store and Google Play Store.Candida...View Detail
Adobe Illustrator
Unity GUI
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Dissolving The World Part 1
Dissolving The World Part 1
Obstruction handling and dissolve shader techniques in Trifox
Martín Pane
Jun 25, 2018
What I learned from trying to make an Isometric game in Unity
What I learned from trying to make an Isometric game in Unity
Making an isometric game is far from being an easy task, here are a couple of helpful tricks to improve your workflow.
Atmos Games
Apr 19, 2018
I Work Alone
I Work Alone
Making games by yourself is hard — but it's totally worth it.
4 Results
2490 Members
Channel for artists to discuss graphics, 2D/3D art, and 3D modeling.
Will Wright's Proxi Art Challenge
397 Members
Come discuss, ask questions, meet others participating in Will Wright's Proxi Art Challenge. Check it out!
1252 Members
A channel to showcase your finished creations. Bonus points if you used Unity!Examples are: - Games - Simulations - Visualisations - 3D art - 2D art - Animation - Technical demos​
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