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Sebastian Brunetti
Programmer/Designer - Other
Programmer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Videogame/board game design.
Luciano Exequiel D´ agostino
Programador, Diseñador, Fundador, Emprendedor - Designer
Hola, soy Luciano Dagostino. Un programador, diseñador y fundador de video juegos perteneciente a Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Juan Codo
CO FOUNDER - Executive
We are a Motion Graphics Studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We do 3d animation assets for Branding and now for VR content. We do the design,...
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Nicolas Borromeo
Nov 23, 2016
UI Dev in "Amazing World"
Johnantan Botero
Nov 29, 2016
Huggies Experiencia 3D
Enrico Bottani
Jul 4, 2017
World Never End