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I'm a guy from Germany with the ambition to create an adventure puzzle game that isn't like most of the puzzle adventure games currently around. I'm...
Beginner - Programmer
I'm new in this Unity game engine but i have lot's of experience in Sploder a simple drag and drop web game engine and Engine001 a game engine where...
Julian Colbus
CEO / Composer / PR & Community Manager - Other
Hi! I'm Julian from Germany. By day, I'm the PR and Community Manager for Prosperous Universe, an upcoming sci-fi economy MMO made by German indie...
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Sep 10, 2019
Game Prototype - Card Based RPG
New York City, United States
5+ years experience
Seeking an experienced Unity game developer to assist in prototyping a card based RPG. The game is based in a traditional fantasy setting in a large world designed to be explored board game style, with a main plot to drive the s...View Detail
Game Development
Game Design
Developers / Designers / Artists / Investors Req. Urgently
Jodhpur, India
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
Hello Everyone,We need experienced team of developers, designers, artists, investors for our various game projects for various platforms such as PS4, XBOX, STEAM, WINDOWS, IOS, ANDROID, OCULUS, AMAZON, OTHER.We need such teams who...View Detail
Unity 3D
Game Development
Unity Programmer
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
SOEDESCO is a young publisher/developer with a focus on the indie game market. With our rapidly expanding digital and retail portfolio, we currently find ourselves in need of some additions to our team. Our core development team c...View Detail
Visual Studio
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Maxim Serenko
Sep 3, 2019
Erra: Exordium — 2D Dieselpunk Game
Project will tell you a personal story of the first ever created bot with a human consciousness.
Apr 11, 2018
Children of Survivors
In the future, adults get sick and die. A group of children are fighting hard to survive in this new world, while searching for what happened to their parents five years ago. Game Stage 1 video: Game Stage 2 Video: Game Stage 3 playable build:
Shiva Bicycle Racing Cycle Race with Shiva, Reva, Uday, Aditya and Ladoo Singh with awesome Bicycle Physics and stunning 3d graphics environment. It's Happy and adventurous time for all Shiva fans to experience the best cycle racing game with Shiva characters. Race against time in a friendly match...