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Gabriel Ravaggio Tura
G. Ravaggio - Artist
Just a beginner indie game dev.
Jemma Gilbert
Games Design - Artist
I'm a Games Dev Artist currently learning the ways on Environmental Art.
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Tactics V: "Obsidian Brigade"
Tactics V is a retro-style tactical turn-based RPG in homage to console tactical RPGs from the 1990s. Its set in an in-house fantasy setting with lore and magic. Also uses techniques to convert to a 2D isometric look from 3D assets.
future Earth where Andriods are the main population
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Oct 14, 2017
OldSchool FPS Shooter Template
I've been started creating template for quick develop of shooters like old Doom, template it's like "Small Engine" for that type of shooters. You can create shooters with your own RPG system if you want (any RPG elements, you write own), or like doom (go and kill everything and everyone), or if you want, you can create shooter like World War II etc. But in that pixel...