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3D Generalist - Artist - Artist
i am an Architect & 3D Artist modeler.. 8 years as a" freelancer 3d art specialist" in the game industry . Plz Feel Free to Communicate with me TY ^_^...
3D Modeling - Artist
I'm a freelance 3D modeler based in South Africa that loves making games and 3D assets. You can check out my work at: https://howardcoates95.wixsite...
Andrea Ballan
3D modeler and 2D/3D animator. Mostly low poly for cartoons and mobile games.
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Stylized 3D Character modelers needed
Montréal, Canada
Part Time
0 - 2 years experience
We are looking to hire a couple of stylized 3D modelers in the next couple of weeks as we take on more projects in 2019, currently we have openings for an organic modeler. We are a relaxed and very well organized virtual company w...View Detail
3D Art
3D Modeling
3ds Max
weeWizzy Games
Mar 26, 2019
Human Modeler/Animator
United States - Ukraine - Germany - Canada - Malaysia
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
Hey,This post is for a Startup I recently joined. Its a non-Game, WebGL App. Ideally we require a Full time candidate.We Require Part-Time/Full-Time/Freelance Artist who has experience animating Human Characters. We require realis...View Detail
3D Modeling
3D Animation
character design
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Mortimer's Mansion
3D Sketching
Vincent Dulay
May 18, 2017
Tanktastic 3D (team member)