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一个做单机游戏的美少女 - Producer
Federico Faruffini
Hi! I am Federico and I live in Genoa. I'm currently studying for my Master's Degree in Computer Engineering. I just found out about Unity and GameDev...
Misael Armendariz
2D/3D Artist and Animator - Artist
Images are my favorite form of communication.In 1999 at age 19, I started a business airbrushing T-shirts at the mall. That led to concept work then...
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ivideo reading
Oct 7, 2019
2d Artist
Herndon, United States
Part Time
0 - 2 years experience
Our mission is to teach kids how to read through fun, interactive games. We take kids step by step through the early reading process, all the way to being an efficient reader. It is our goal to provide education to all students, r...View Detail
2D Animation
2D Art
2D Toolkit
Robot Gentleman
Oct 2, 2019
2D Artist
Poznań, Poland
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
Robot Gentleman, the independent games developer known for the atomic dark comedy adventures 60 Seconds! and 60 Parsecs! is on the lookout for a talented 2D Artist to join our studio in Poznań, Poland.You are:• An open-minded, c...View Detail
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Toon Boom
2D Environment Artist
Oconomowoc, United States
Part Time
0 - 2 years experience
Entuvu Interactive is a new Independent Game company who strives to make great games that unify the virtual universe.We are looking for an environment artist who is willing to put in some time during their off hours to produce gre...View Detail
2D Art
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Code Monkey
Nov 15, 2019
Sprite Dissolve(精灵溶解效果)-2D着色器图形教程
Sprite Dissolve(精灵溶解效果)-2D着色器图形教程
让我们在Shader Graph中制作帅到没朋友的Sprite Dissolve效果!
Oct 30, 2019
如何用Unity2019制作2D游戏! 🔥
如何用Unity2019制作2D游戏! 🔥
原标题:How to make 2D Games with Unity 2019! 🔥
Michael Wang
Oct 31, 2019
Unity 2D教程:从独立游戏学习开发
Unity 2D教程:从独立游戏学习开发
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2D Challenge
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The messaging channel for the 2D Challenge. If you have questions, please leave them here and our admins & mods will answer them! Good luck!
2D Game Art Challenge
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Create a splash screen and In-game screen for the provided game concept.
2D Animation Challenge
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Create a 10-15-second animation using Anima 2D based on the given story.
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