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一个做独立游戏的美少女 - Artist
我是一个做独立游戏的美少女o(∩_∩)o ~
Dennis Mandema
2D / UI - Artist
Hello! My name is Dennis. I'm a Graphics designer & also soon to be a Game designer. I've done a lot of design work in the past and I've also worked...
Brian Turner
Senior Engineer - Programmer
I have had a passion for creating ever since I was little. Ever since receiving my first computer I was curious about how they worked. Growing up...
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2D Artist
Istanbul, Turkey
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
++About Us++Vertigo is a rapidly growing game company, with top ranked games on mobile. We have over 15 million fans playing our games all over the world! We are creating exciting new opportunities for the best people to join our ...View Detail
2D Art
Steve Johnson
Sep 22, 2017
Level Designer for 2d Platformer
New York City, United States
3 - 5 years experience
I’m working on a 2d (Mario styled) platformer and I’m in need of a level designer. The game mechanics and elements are very far along and mostly this will be a matter of dragging prefabs into each scene but if you have new ideas...View Detail
Level Design
2D Platformer
art direction
concept art
2D Artist/Animator
Milano, Italy
0 - 2 years experience
We need a 2D artist and animator to help us with a “couch wars” style project.The main focus of this task will be creating and animating a 2D character and creating animated feedback for combat.​Initially we can offer only reve...View Detail
2D Art
2D Animation
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Jul 10, 2019
如何用Unity2019制作2D游戏! 🔥
如何用Unity2019制作2D游戏! 🔥
原标题:How to make 2D Games with Unity 2019! 🔥
Maxim Serenko
Sep 3, 2019
Erra: Exordium — 2D Dieselpunk Game
Project will tell you a personal story of the first ever created bot with a human consciousness.
Code Monkey
Aug 6, 2019
原标题:Simple Turn-Based RPG Battle System (Unity Tutorial)
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2D Challenge
535 Members
The messaging channel for the 2D Challenge. If you have questions, please leave them here and our admins & mods will answer them! Good luck!
直播: 2017-12-13 快速创建2D游戏 Tilemap&Cinemachine 2D使用详解
1214 Members
12月13日晚8点,Unity技术团队的杨栋老师和马瑞老师要来讲2D啦! 此次直播,我们将使用Tilemap和Cinemachine 2D开发一个2D游戏。 Unity2017.2版本中发布的Tilemap功能,可以让您快速简单地创建2D关卡和加快开发迭代的速度。游戏设计师和关卡设计师可以在构建2D游戏世界时快速建立原型。 我们将研究如何使用新的Tile和Brush工具来绘制图层,这些工具允许您定义放置图块时的行为规则,创建具有动态边缘,动画图块,随机图块等内容的关卡。 另外我们也将介绍Cinemachine 2D功能。Cinemachine是一个动态的,程序化的高级虚拟相机系统,它可以很容易地自动合成镜头和跟踪游戏物体,大大提高游戏性,同时几乎不用任何代码就可以实现很酷的镜头效果。最新版本的Cinemachine已经全面支持开发2D游戏。 本课程将涵盖以下功能: Tile Asset Tile Palette Window Grid & Tilemap Components Tilemap & Composite 2D Colliders Custom Brushes (Prefab Brush) Custom Tiles (Rule Tile, Random Tile, Animated Tile) Cinemachine 2D Camera Rig 2D Camera Rig Confiner
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A channel to showcase your finished creations. Bonus points if you used Unity!Examples are: - Games - Simulations - Visualisations - 3D art - 2D art - Animation - Technical demos​
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