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Willians Rodrigues
Composer and Sound Designer - Artist
Willians Rodrigues is a Brazilian composer and sound designer for film and games as well as an orchestral arranger. A passionate for the universe of...
Gameplay Programmer - Student
Game developer with a strong knowledge in gameplay and generalist programming as well as experience with user experience and design. I love all...
12 Strong 2018 full movie free download
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Kinetic Vision
Oct 24, 2018
Unity Developer
Ohio, United States - Cincinnati, United States - Kentucky, United States - Indiana, United States
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
First, please review our job posting here: are seeking an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Developer to join our Development team and build cutting edge visual...View Detail
Laireon Games
Apr 23, 2019
Project Logo
Manchester, United Kingdom
3 - 5 years experience
Hey folks!We are currently needing a logo for our voxel project similar to minecraft but with some avatar elements thrown into the mix. You can see more about the project here: we are looking for wou...View Detail
Adobe Illustrator
Graphic Design
Adobe Photoshop
Programador(a) en Unity
Santiago Metropolitan, Chile
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
El Centro de Modelamiento Matemático de la Universidad de Chile tiene como uno de sus principales propósitos mejorar la enseñanza y aprendizaje de la matemática en el país. En los últimos 10 años, el Laboratorio de Educación del C...View Detail
Unity GUI
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Unity China
Apr 12, 2019
[2018直播汇总] Unity官方直播录播汇总
[2018直播汇总] Unity官方直播录播汇总
[2018直播汇总] Unity官方直播录播汇总
Unity China
Jun 21, 2018
Unite 2018 | Lightmap烘焙最佳实践
Unite 2018 | Lightmap烘焙最佳实践
从Unity 5.0版本我们推出了Enlighten烘焙系统,在Unity 5.6版本开始增加了Progressive烘焙系统作为备选,但是直到Unity 2018.1正式版本才脱离Preview状态。现在国内大部分开发者主要都使用Enlighten系统进行Lightmap烘焙。作为Progressive系统极大优势的GPU加速还需要到今年年底才会推出,因此接下来一段时间内大部分国内游戏开发者应该还会继续使用Enlighten系统。
Unity China
Jun 25, 2018
Unite 2018 | 利用Cinemachine快速创建游戏中的相机系统
Unite 2018 | 利用Cinemachine快速创建游戏中的相机系统
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Unite Seoul 2018 세션 Q&A 채널 [Track 4]
75 Members
Unite Seoul 2018 세션 Q&A 는 커넥트 채널에서 진행됩니다! Coming Soon!Track 4는 Grandballoom 104호에서 진행됩니다 :)
Unite Seoul 2018 세션 Q&A 채널 [Track 2]
65 Members
Unite Seoul 2018 세션 Q&A 는 커넥트 채널에서 진행됩니다! Coming Soon!Track 2는 Grandballoom #101호에서 진행됩니다 :)
Unite Seoul 2018 세션 Q&A 채널 [Track 3]
45 Members
Unite Seoul 2018 세션 Q&A 는 커넥트 채널에서 진행됩니다! Coming Soon!Track 3는 Grandballoom #102호에서 진행됩니다 :)
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