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Zombie runner is first person shooter. The goal of the game is to escape from island by helicopter. Player must avoid being touched by zombies or he will lose.
2018_09_03 Dev log
So, lately I added some more stuff.
Here is list of changes:
Added splash screen
Added own music and audio clips
Added main menu with mulitple windows, that are able to tilt and animate
Most of the chanages made in menu will influence game
Added pause menu
Added loading screen with progress bar
Added lighting (realtime + lighting probes + reflection probes)
Added some flavor to terrain
Added whole gamplay mechanics (calling heli, droping flares on landing area, extracting from island)
Added fade panle which give impression of transparrency
Added gun handling
Currently only one gun, but most of implementation for other weapons is done
Added enemy and player health system, player has also armor system
Added blood effect on screen when player is hit
Added sand storm effects and other minof effects
Added mini map
Added GUI representing informations about player health, armor and weapon
Added also a lot more but i am tired of writing it :P
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