Zombies: Run & Bite
We wanted to make something special in endless runners genre and that's how we came up with the idea for zombies runner. Usually in zombie runners you suppose to ran from zombies or kill them on your way. What we wanted is something different, that's why we made a game where you play as zombie and chase humans instead. We have 5 characters in game, each character has own ability that makes him unique. All zombies can bite humans and turn them into zombies. Using first character "the manager" you could increase your zombie squad up to 7 characters that will run with you! There are also boosters in the game that can be unlocked once you get "professor" character. And there are 2 types of bosses that you should face and defeat. The main idea of the game is to infect whole city by going from 1 district to another. And of course become #1 in charts. Unfortunately we didn't get much attention to this game even though players liked it. Hope one day we could launch it with enough of marketing support. If anyone is interested in helping us, feel free to contact me.
Paul Okselenko