Zombie Treasure Island
Zombie Treasure Island is currently in development. It is a zombie survival game that allows the player a level of control over difficulty not normally seen in games. It will have several levels that the player can play through. The player can select from the easy,normal, and hard difficulty presets or create their own difficulty settings. The player will be able to save up to three of their own custom difficulty settings for each level. The game will keep track of the fastest overall clear ,as well as the fastest clear for each saved difficulty preset. By meeting certain requirements when completing a level the player can unlock ways to make that level harder. The player can also buy items in a shop to make levels either easier, then the current easiest option, or harder than the current hardest option. The goal of this project is allow players a control over the difficulty level by allowing them to modify variables such as enemy attack damage, enemy speed, enemy’s per a wave, and other variables that the player normally has no access to.
Alison Taylor
Game Programmer