Zombie HuntAR
Zombie HuntAR is an Augmented Reality based game developed by 3 students Ayhaab Amir Pasha, Israr ul Haq and Zohaib Munir from Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. This app was made using Unity 3D for level designing and Vuforia for Augmented Reality. This game is still in development and will be launched soon for Android.
Zombie HuntAR brings you a Zombie Apocalypse to your table. The basic objective of the game is to stop the zombies from killing the humans. The phone provides a window into a 3D town overrun with zombies. There will be different waves of zombies coming to kill the humans from different sides of the map. In each wave, the number of the zombies and their speed will increase. If the zombies kill five humans, that’s a game over.
The player must have the map printed in front of their phone. through this app, the map printed on the paper will be turned into a 3D Model. Zombies will appear on the phone and the player will have to aim towards the zombie.
This game was developed by using free assets taken from Unity Asset Store.
Ayhaab Amir Pasha
Unity 3D/AR(Vuforia) Game Developer - Producer
Safa Awan
2 years ago
This looks nice. Waiting for it. :D