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Published 14 days ago

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About This GameImagine you're having a good time. You're on a picnic, or play billiard with your best friend, or maybe prepare for pool party - cold beer, hot water - amazing, right?It was. Until your home town has been invaded by the most creepy aliens. They took control over your friends. And the worst thing - you can't help them. You can only fight and win this battle! Zombie Hobby is the best playable way for you to train your skills, to be prepared for zombie invasion. Wherever you happen to be while it's coming. Guitar, billiard balls, golden bars - everything is a weapon if you know how to use it. Become a champion and kill as many low-poly zombies as you can! Yes-yes! It's been days and you're a pro-zombie-killer. You can kill the zombie and hit a home run with just one hit! If you are - well we have a way for you. Try our night mode. Turn off the light and try to kill at least one zombie with just the light of your little flashlight. If you see it - you can kill it.Be prepared and stay in shape - you never know when the Day comes.Key FeaturesAmazing Atmospheric WorldSimple and Beautiful Bright SettingReal-time Survival FightingAmazingly Affordable WeaponerySpecial Hardcore Night Mode d859598525 Title: Zombie Hobby VRGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, SportsDeveloper:Pointlight GamesPublisher:Pointlight GamesRelease Date: 29 Jun, 2017 Zombie Hobby VR Ativador Download This game is unlikely to provide with more than maybe $5 worth of entertainment, but it does have a beautiful minimalist design and color scheme that I totally love. It's got a lot of style, but I wish there was more to the gameplay.Worth nabbing on sale if it seems up your alley.. id say this game is worth like 5$>4 levels>sometimes hits don't work>melee rarely works>glass objects break when you pick them up most of the time. Wow! Such a simple art style yet such fun gameplay! So far this game has been a blast to play with friends. Despite being "another wave style game" the animation of the zomibes is top notch and the style of gameplay is quite enjoyable! I do hope the Devs add more "Special infected" and power ups like the slow time mechanic. I feel as though this game has a lot of room to grow, but still offers a very enjoyable experience! More maps and objects to throw would be a good way to keep gameplay from getting too repetative. I'll be paying close attention for any updates on this one!. 6/10Fun, but without any kind of lasting appeal. One of those VR games that you pick up for an hour or so. Nice artwork.. Its boring and lacking in content. You only play for points which I dont care about since the ATARI.. Fun game to play!You can choose from 4 different stages where you have to defend yourself from ?unlimited? waves of hungry alien zombies!You do not really have a weapon to defend yourself so you simply throw anything you can find nearby! All around you are going to spawn beer cans, axes, forks, apples, plates, gold bars, guitars, it doesn't matter what it is, JUST THROW IT!!!! By throwing I mean not gently, hit them with brute force :)Be cautious, you have also to be a marksman: hitting zombies from distance isn't an easy task. Aim and then take your shot, items need a bit of time to respawn!The game is new and I noticed a minor bug with the hand customoisation but otherwise it's great.I would love to see a map creator though and it would be awsome to try community maps or even multiplayer!!I am playing with an OC i5 2500k @4.4GHz and an OC r9 390 with really minor slowdowns.
Gary Beach