Zombie Buddies
Updated 9 months ago
In development
Windows; Android
Zombie Buddies is a puzzle game about a lonely zombie who wants to find buddies to be fun with.
In this game, a player plays as a zombie, going out from his home, bite people to turn them into another zombie, and bring them home to throw a party! The thing is, all zombie will move simultaneously. So with obstacle along the way back that's so many, returning home will not be easy!
The game story focuses on 'friendship' that will represent through a protagonist's journey. It's plan to have over 100 levels in 5 different worlds with increasing difficulty and 20+ characters to be encountered in main game mode. Some character has its own side-story mini-games which a player can plays once it's unlocked (by progressing the main game or by purchasing them).
This is my second personal project. So I design and develop all aspect of this game myself except most of music and sound assets. Such as prototyping, coding, visual development, graphics assets, game balance, level design, etc.
Unfortunately, this game development progress is paused. But your feedback is still very appreciated and valuable to me. Platform: Android, PC Status: On Hold Estimated Release Date: TBA Project Duration: 8+ Months (Late 2016 - Mid 2017)
Main Tool Used: Unity, Construct 2, Balsamiq, Photoshop
Jirawat Srirak
Junior Game Designer - Designer
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Windows; Android