Zombie Apocalypse Survival
You are stranded in a post apocalyptic wasteland! Your only hope: to await rescue by helicopter from a lone surviving military outpost nearby. Beware! Walking dead roam the earth - the zombie apocalypse has arrived, and now it's all about zombie survival. Look out for walkers, roamers, and zombie boss threats. But you are far from defenseless! All kinds of guns and ammunition are waiting for you to come find them, from M9 9mm pistols to M4 carbines to automatic shotguns. And keep a sharp look out for arms dealers and black market merchants to stock up on weapons, ammo and supplies. Lock and load with high tech weaponry; and once you are heavily armed, take on some missions such as zombie survivor rescue, or home defense, or zombie boss assassination for extra cash. Make sure you always stock up on ammo, or you'll have to fall back to your trusty machete to clear the way. Can you survive until rescue arrives? Play Zombie Apocalypse Survival and find out!
Jackson Kim
Unity 3D Developer