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In development
Windows; PlayStation 4
Mix of D&D 3.5, Diablo 3 and DarkAges.
This is a work in progress video game that I'm taking on myself in my free time. This game is to showcase several systems I loved growing up as a kid. Including famous systems like the stat system in D&D and Diablo 3's weapon roll system, to less famous like DarkAges leveling system for skills/spells/player. My goal is to not copy those systems, but to take small pieces of them and mix them together into something I would enjoy playing. Eventually this will go to beta and then released. Stay tuned.
Current Alpha Build: - 2/18/2019
Current Built Systems: Weapon Roll System - 9 weapon types, 8 quality ranges, 10 attributes types (aka; rending, bleeding, dark) Character Stat System - D20 system that is restricted based on class (Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Rogue) Third-Person Camera system that actively occludes and readjusts (Feels like WoW's system, but no movement with the mouse)

Paul Buck
Software Engineer - Designer
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Windows; PlayStation 4