Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey
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PlayStation 4; iOS
PreviewLabs is proud to have been a part of building the prototype for this best-selling game.
When Kobojo (acquired in July by another Paris-based game developer, Celsius Online) turned to us in 2015 to develop a vertical slice prototype for a new JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game, e.g. the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series), we were very eager to start working on it.
They wanted to build the game in Unity 3D, which was something completely new for them (at the time they were primarily known for the Flash-based social game PyramidValley). Fortunately, we were able to use our broad knowledge of Unity 3D to build a sharp vertical slice prototype of what would ultimately become Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey.
We worked closely together with Kobojo programmers and artists to incorporate everything. ‘Everything’ being a colorful 2D level that could be explored by a flying avatar, as well as a strategic turn-based combat system, complete with friendly and enemy artificial intelligence. The graphics were a particularly interesting challenge. Kobojo had a specific, hand-drawn style in mind, and while the development of prototypes is usually light on graphics, we were able to deliver some stunning results with the help of our huge network of game developer friends.

With this vertical slice prototype in hand Kobojo was able to get some big JRPG names behind the game. The soundtrack was composed by none other than Hatoshi Sakimoto of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story fame, and the story of the game was written by Kazushige Nojima. He also wrote the scenario for a little game you might’ve heard about called Final Fantasy VII. Not too shabby!
Talia Goldin
Rapid prototyping is our game! - Manager
Supported Platforms
PlayStation 4; iOS