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ZillA(Name is a work in progress) is a 'souls-like' adventure RPG
ZillA is a GameJam project that I have decided to continue working in my spare time. The premise is to create an RPG that feels like the adventure similar to that of The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings. I think combat has been over exaggerated in many games, especially MMORPGs. I believe progression doesn't need to exist as a driving force in a game, but immersion. Games with extremely long progression curves such as World of Warcraft Classic incentives players to keep playing because of gear, but also because of the rich lore, and feel of the world.
My goal is to include a rich background with an immersive and inspiring world that captures the players imagination. The most important part of this game is to take the player on an adventure, where they can choose to take an aggressive path or a pacifist/more realistic approach to exploring the world and its characters.
Progress in the game so far is very shallow, as a small demo environment and the player controller have only been created so far. As a next step, I have added over 200 animations and will stitch them together using the SYNTY Hero Character pack to create a character that is easily customizable and reflects the players vision of their adventurer.
Thank you for checking out my project page. I look forward to posting more updates in the near future.
Justin Crisp
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