The goal of this project was to fulfill the dream of flying in Virtual Reality (VR). For this purpose, we bought a hang glider and constructed a scaffold for it. With that construction, the user could get into the hang glider, lie in the air and control it like he would do in a real flying scenario. Tracking of his motions allowed the transfer of his controls into the virtual world. We used a Head-Mounted Display and headphones to immerse the user visually and auditively into the virtual world. In addition, we used multiple wind machines and vibration feedback controlled by events in the scene to provide realistic haptic feedback, e.g. a high flying speed results in high wind intensities. In the second part of this project, we added an underwater scene to the virtual world. This way, the user could fly around an island, until he crashed into the sea, transitioning to the underwater world. There he could explore the bottom of the ocean in a submarine. This project was published in Mensch & Computer 2014 - Workshopband. With over 800 participants in the last years, the Mensch & Computer is one of the biggest Human-Computer-Interaction conferences all over Europe.
Roman Wiche
Software Engineer - Programmer