Zeppelin Vista Simulation
The Zeppelin Vista Simulation is digital application developed in coordination with Time To Escape, a premiere escape room in Atlanta, for their newest escape experience "The Great Zeppelin". The setting for the room takes place on board a giant zeppelin, departing from Paris and arriving in London. To fully immerse players in the narrative, I was brought in to produce a dynamic vista view of the journey between cities. Over 10,000 square meters of land is rendered in beautiful detail, along with lightning storms, engine fires, and a sudden ascension into the stratosphere. The vista is rendered across four 4K televisions running at a stable 40fps on one GTX 1060 graphics card. The dynamic view also needed to respond to user input. An actor in the room has the ability to trigger any one of the four emergencies or three variable endings at any point in the adventure. This required interfacing with an Arduino-based prop via serial I/O connection. The final result is a tailored experience for every play group.
Jeremy Ledbetter
Immersive Designer & Game Developer - Programmer