Zappos Price Comparison
Zappos Price Comparison is an android app that allows users to search for products on the website and then by touching a product in the search results the app will check if the product is cheaper on If the product is cheaper on 6pm, the user will be told so, and what the price is. I orgionally made it as part of a company’s interview process and that is why the project’s folder is named ILoveNougat. Since making the app I decided to change the applications title from ILoveNougat to Zappos Price Comparison. I also changed the subtitle from Zappos Price Comparison to Zappos Prices Vs 6pm Prices. I made these changes, as I felt that these titles and subtitles made more sense with what the program actually does and is for than the original titles. Link to github containing the Java source files: Link to download the full Android Studio Project: Link to download the release build apk:
Alison Taylor
Game Programmer