A game for kids of all ages.
For lovers of games like Katamari and Zelda you should find Yukidama a welcome addition to your collection. Play as a toy ball named “Dama” in this single player narrative driven platforming adventure. Travel across historical periods in human history in search for answers to Dama’s true destiny. Yukidama has been designed to provide fun experiences for both children and adults, allowing you to play at your own pace and explore 7 vast hand designed levels. You can play hard and fast and enjoy the unique platforming physics, or take your time and smell the roses by meticulously exploring each and every corner of the game. In the game you will experience the touching story of our hero “Dama” and his quest to understand his place in the world. When his creator, Master Takashi, mysteriously disappears, Dama sets out on a quest to find him. Along the way Dama will make new friends and experience difficult trials. Explore Feudal Japan, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the Wild West as well as many other beautiful worlds Yukidama features Fast action 3D platforming Puzzle Solving Quests 7 Large sprawling levels Immersive environments Item Collecting Dynamic Soundtrack composed by Nerf Mophix Cinematics
John Rossitter
Code Guy and Indie Studio Head - Executive
Andrew Busbee
Day - drafter Night - animator
Perry Mathew Engelbracht
Developer - Programmer
Taylor Cyr
Writer / Narrative
Ben McCulloch
Soundtracks: - Other
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