Updated 10 months ago

This game is one of the most meaningful games I have ever made. I worked with my son to make this game which can help school age children to learn maths and inspire them to protect our environment.

The game is about love,YuanYuan-man has to fight with enemies to protect the YuanYuan World. Now we have two modes,one is shooting mode,the other one is problem solving mode. Every time you are correct,the enemy will be weaker,otherwise,YuanYuan-man will be weaker.This game is very easy to operate,and it's a good way to help children to learn maths.

Cinemachine expands the activity space of YuanYuan-man's, so that all the characters can be made larger, the players can see the numbers more clearly.

2D Animation can produce more detailed animations of characters, the soft texture is in line with the style of the game. so that I can design more characters and save plenty of pictures.

The design of the crossover animation can express the theme well, and keep the integrity of this game.

In short, we want to make a casual and educational game.

Thank my wife and my mother for their understanding,thank my colleagues Wangyue,Wanghua, Fangjing,for their technical support.

Unity does not only provide the technical support to me, but also inspire me. Thank you very much!