You, The Clay & Your Brushes
Sculpting is probably one of my favorite parts of the art pipeline. At first it is terrifying because you see the end result and you see where you start and it can be overwhelming. However, when you take away the over complex modelling interfaces, forget about good topology, texturing and animation, it becomes a relaxing experience just to create from nothing without technical limitations. Just you.... the clay... and your brushes.
I am a programmer so artwork is not my strongest suite. However, I will always have a special place in my heart for sculpting as it allows me to be creative without needing to know every facet of a 3D software or be too technical. There is a shape in your mind (or reference)..... chip away until that shape is in front of you. I don't know a simpler form of 3D art than that and I think that is why I enjoy it.
Here is my collection of sculpts that I do for fun. Maybe someday I will do something with this skill other than entertainment but for now, I enjoy the creative simplicity.
I use blender for all my sculpts
Kenneth Claassen