You Can
Published 2 years ago
You Can is a game to promote mental health techniques through Cognitive Behaviorual Therapy.
You Can was made in two days for a world wide competition the team (Olly Mills, Ed Smith, Nikola Krajnovic and I) were made aware about on Wednesday with a submit date of Friday morning. The theme was "How computers can make the world a better place" and from personal experience I thought mental health was a very important topic and so our game was based upon this. Drawing from my personal experiences we settled on "The 3Cs from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy". You are given a random scenario and you have to platform through a level (C)atching thoughts, you then have to (C)heck the thought to see if it is a positive or negative thought, if it's a negative thought you have to (C)hange the thought.

With this game we took home first place which was a great honour.
Jaz Marshall-Porter
Student - Student