Detailed Info: This project consisted of two games: one for the TV (battle minigame) and one for the android (pet care). On the android version you had to take care of your yoob (feed, put to sleep, play,...) and on the TV you could either play against CPUs or other players that connected via the android version. Side Note: The project demanded a lot from the team, though we already had a lot of experience with the Smart TV this was the first time we worked on a full project with Unity for Android and also have that communicating with the TV. In the ended we pulled through and had time to work on some minigames that weren't planned to make it on the android version. It was a very rewarding project to work on. Role: Lead Programmer on the Mobile version: worked as generalist programmer, handling data persistence and communicationg with android device.
Silvio Carréra
Game Developer - Programmer