Yeti's Quest
Product Description: Rich in Buddhist mythology, Yeti’s Quest is about a yeti named Dorze who has come back home to Nepal after a journey around the world. But when he attempts to travel up the mountainside the demon Mara blocks his way with enchanted gates. Dorze must run up the mountain, crashing through the magical gates and facing many challenges as he attempts to make it back home. - I put together a small team of developers to build a mobile game for some clients of mine. Through this project I learned a lot about team management, development under harsh time constraints, and ultimately building a product from start to finish. This project was built using Unity. As a programmer I developed all gameplay systems from start to finish. This includes basic player movement, user interface, and general player progression. I also developed my own simple save/load system to properly preserve player progress over time. I also worked closely with our environment artist to design layouts for each of the game’s eight levels. We began by sketching our level paths from a top-down perspective which I then took and applied to a grid that helped me determine the distance and timing of key points along the path. These paths matched 1:1 with our level editor layout. During development there was a need for the creation of an on-editor tool for placing randomly generated obstacles along our level paths. I built this new tool to support the needs of the designer on my team, and it saved him a ton of time populating levels with obstacles.
Adam Ormsby
Freelance Developer - Programmer