XGUI - WYSIWYG & Code Generation

Have you ever had to create a UI using Unity’s GUI, GUILayout, EditorGUI, or EditorGUILayout functionality? If you have then you know that is a tedious, time consuming, dreadful process filled with flipping back and forth between your code editor and the Unity Editor, with lots of code refreshes in the process.
Creating a usable working UI can take an entire day. Creating a functional and good looking interface can take an entire week of slowly tweaking, refreshing the code, tweaking some more rinse and repeat.
XGUI was created out of this pure and primal hatred for creating Editor and Inspector UI’s by hand. Its sole purpose is to greatly decrease the time and effort it takes to create powerful and amazing looking UI’s.

What is XGUI?

XGUI is at its core a WYSIWYG Editor for Unity’s built on IMGUI functionality that allows you to design and create UI’s in real-time with minimal coding or code reloading required. Then when you are done, XGUI allows you to generate real, dependancy free code for your UI.


  • No Coding Required
  • WYSIWYG UI Editor
  • Dependancy free code generation when your done.
  • WYSIWYG window is a fully functional representation of your UI.
  • Create Editor Windows
  • Create Custom Inspector Windows
  • Create Scene View UIs
  • Create Runtime MonoBehavior UIs
  • Supports GUI and GUILayout Elements
  • Supports EditorGUI and EditorGUILayout elements
  • Code Elements allow you to program your logic in the editor.
  • 50 Different UI and Code Elements
  • Extendable Element System - Write your own elements
  • Template System allows you to create customized templates for each of the UI types.
Six Three Zero
Owner - Programmer
Frederic Defoy
5 months ago
Sooo.... whats going on with this project?