X Caeli: The Iron Hand of Love
Published a year ago
Malignant eldritch deity has been awoken from aeons of death only to find its newly gained life in hands of beautiful and unreasonably heroic space pirates which are being attacked by hordes of arcane starships. Now he's forced to play the uncharacteristic role of protector as their survival equals his own. Some intense starfighting ensues, but the real battle begins during the moments of peace...


X Caeli is a Visual Novel / Puzzle / Roguelite / Match-3 Hybrid where in-between the zany comedy with strong, frantic, idiosyncratic and sexy girls you'll be challenged by deadly Space Invaders-inspired combat. Enemies are merciless, your powers are everchanging and every new encounter is a riddle to be resolved in its own way.


  • For each battle you will be given a randomly generated set of equipment. You'll have to setup your ship in a way that answers the current challenge.
  • More than a hundred of enemy waves to defeat, often requiring wildly different tactics.
  • Every enemy and every piece of equipment is truly unique.
  • Match-3 element means that when enemies die they damage all neighbouring foes of the same color. How deeply to utilize this system is up to you - you may pay minimal attention to it or you may focus your tactics around it.
  • 60 chapter visual novel with branching.

Main Characters


Eldritch and dominant star god. Is magically bound in service to the crew with crew being mercifully unaware of it - having too scientific of a vorldview might have its own negatives.


Ship's captain. Daughter of a richest man in a galaxy. Wants to be a hero. And a pirate. And a brilliant military commander. And a renowned explorer. And a... Well, it's too much to list it here.


Cyber-ninja. Ship's security captain. Alyssa's loyal sidekick and apprentice. Has no sense of modesty because we can't really show you the only real part of her (it's the brain).

Game Development

Unity has helped us a lot in setting a decent 2d Animation process to ensure the photorealistic and carefully physically calculated motion of our ships.
We're also using Unity Particle system to ensure that every action in the game proceeds with a true bang.
Artem Koval
Software Engineer / Architect