WWII PBR Trench Gun
This is a must have weapon for any WWII game! Perfect for survival, zombie, battle royale and any other type of shooter. This asset has an incredibly low poly count of around 12k tris without sacrificing quality. It is a beautiful asset and with such a low tri count, it is excellent for VR games.
The heat shield is removable as well. With the heat shield removed, this item loses its signature trench gun look and looks like a more general type of shotgun. Because of this, it is great for WWII games, but really can be used in many different contexts. The triangle count without the heat shield is around 5-6k. All moving parts are fully articulated and model is real world scale.
This asset comes with 4096x4096 textures. It comes with a range of different maps to work with all game engines and material types.
This model will soon be released on the Unity Asset store as well...
Kameron Brooks
Software Developer - Programmer