Wuzzit Trouble
Wuzzit Trouble is an iOS game published by BrainQuake and developed by ZeeGee Games (Programming) and Riptide Games (Art and Music). The player works through 75 levels where they must figure out how many times to turn each gear to collect all the items. I was brought onto the project as programming support.
The small gears are spun by making a circular gesture over the gear. The player can prepare up to 5 rotations before releasing. Each "release" counts as a move. Items are picked up at the end of each rotation. All keys must be picked up to complete the level. Three stars are acquired by collecting all of the items in the least amount of moves.
My most notable contribution was the rotating gear mechanic. The smaller gears needed the correct number of teeth, and the large gear was required to only spin when the teeth made contact. The teeth were also required to be aligned correctly so that they were not passing through each other.
Kevin Lukic
Software Programmer - Programmer