Wrapped In Mystery
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Android; iOS; Apple TV
There is a Good Dreamland in the world. All inhabitants were happy for a thousand years. But one day, everything changed. Hard times have come. Evil forces have captured the country, has bewitched all its inhabitants. You, an ordinary citizen of the modern world, using new technology, you find yourself in this fantastic world. Evil monsters have set a lot of traps in your way. They will be waiting for you, will try to conjure or kill you! Your goal-to find a Great Artifact that the gods gave the inhabitants of this Good Dreamland a thousand years ago, to save this beautiful country from evil forces. The gods knew these hard times will come. But it will not be easy! And now only you can save the world, the world Wrapped in Mystery! May the Great Artifact be with you!- this game has 10 exciting levels with puzzles and quests, doing that you will be able to pass this game! You have to go: fairy forest, sand, terrible swamp, bubbly sea, haunted mine and other interesting levels!
- minigame in 3d mode, where you can see the holographic image of the characters from this game and interact with them with your voice. This minigame explains how to make your own 3D pyramid from scrap materials by your hands and see a holographic image of the characters from all sides (front-rear-right and left)
- minigame in VR mode (virtual reality) for GoogleCardBoard glasses or any compatible with them.

* In the game you can buy hints, but the game takes place completely without buying tips (all donate in the game - 10 hints, you can buy them separately, and you can buy at once)

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Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Apple TV
5 months ago
уникальная торговая марка Штумоз™ -Shtumoz™©
very good idea can teach children to make radios