WorldCreator2 With Unity Engine (Unite Seoul 2018)
I will be working on this work as a portfolio producer in the first half of this year.
I was looking for a way to do this quickly and painlessly for artists to suggest scenes related to the natural environment, and then learned how to use World Creator 2 to build scenes with the Unity Engine.
I am also studying with the feeling that I get experience and ability with the thought that I am a student, a researcher, and I have a lot of problems that I am not comfortable with this work.
And I announced the above information at the Unity Seoul 2018 event (for example, mesh, mesh + terrain shader, methodology like terrain, WC and Unity plug-in) I have also been told to use the same plugin. I am confident that World Creator 2 will be a great way to communicate between Design and Art.
Thank You.

* Since I made the premise for the purpose of demonstration, the light source really ends with ENVIRO. I use the terrain for CTS only.

Seok Ji Woung
Alhazen's Working Place - Artist