World's first fully functional appliance store
ALLO Virtual Shop
First ever virtual appliance store created by WeAR Studio exclusively for ALLO. Now customers can finally download the augmented reality app and check ALLO’s household appliances from home.
In Luc Besson’s movie “Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets” there is a huge virtual Big Market. ALLO in cooperation with WeAR Studio recreated it for Ukrainian consumers with one purpose in mind - to improve their shopping experience.
This AR app allows choosing virtual home appliances that practically do not vary from real home appliances in terms of size and look. Amazon and Lowe’s are already using augmented reality to visualize their products or to improve the navigation in physical stores. But ALLO is the only company in the world which has a fully functional virtual appliance store today. It’s a special environment where a customer can not only look at the selected product but turn it around, open it, and examine it from different perspectives. Such technology reduces disappointment in online shopping and makes buying with an easy mind possible.
Apple ARKit, one of the most innovative technologies in AR, was used to build this app. More than that, 3D models of these home appliances are insanely realistic, and it’s hard to persuade oneself not touch them.
iPhone 6S and later versions’ owners as well 2017 iPads’ owners can download this augmented reality app from the App Store. It’s a high time to try this AR app to experience the most comfortable personalized shopping ever imaginable.
WeAR Studio