World of Poly
Updated 9 months ago
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Windows; Mac; Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Android; iOS
A lonely man in the world of pirates fighting for survival on a mysterious island.
World of Poly is a survival adventure game in a low poly atmosphere. You're playing as a pirate who is a lonely man in the pirates' world and helping him to escape from the island but the island has its own rules.
This game is being developed by only one person and it's me :) My name is Saygin Karahan and this is my first commercial game.

Low Poly Atmosphere

World of Poly has very beautiful low poly graphics, which allows me to add more detail to the map. Low poly models are PC and mobile friendly and it works amazing.

Artificial Intelligence on Animals

All animals have different intelligence according to natural movements. Fishes escape from player and them self but sharks attack when player near and in the water.

Floating Objects With Physics Engine

You can go fishing with a self-crafted raft or you can bombard enemies with your warship.

Collect & Craft

There are many items can collect and use to create weapons and tools. Also, you can sell your crafted items to merchants to earn gold.

Hunting & Cooking

You have to eat and drink to keep alive. Hunt sharks and fishes with hand-crafted spear and cook them on the campfire on the beach.

Saygin Karahan
Indie Game Developer - Owner
Game Languages
English; German; Spanish; French; Italian; Polish; Turkish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; Android; iOS