Work Progress of RPK
Updated a month ago
Here you can see how my asset Racing Project Kit (RPK), evolved with months of work.
I've taken a screenshot of 2 videos: One of them from december of 2018 and the other one from february of 2019.
December 2018 video
February 2019 video
The 2 screenshots were taken at 1:18 in the December video and at 0:36 in the other one. The main differences you can see it's the HUD, some new environment objects, graphical improvements and more car/colors. Then obviously a lot of new features got added beside the ones you see in these screenshots, you can see the menus and new games modes added watching the 2 videos.
So i've posting more WIP stuff here of my projects in the future in here and in the YouTube channel; thanks for taking a look.
The Final Project it's available in the Asset Store, get it now clicking here.
Edit July 2019: V1.2 Update
Ignacio Ezequiel Alonso
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