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Windows; Android; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8
Fix the words - Fix your boredom
WORDFIX was crafted to entertain and challenge word-game fans – regardless of their level of English. The task is to fix a series of 15 words (by rearranging the jumble of letters) to win a game! Sure, it sounds easy ... but not when the clock is ticking and the word lengths keep increasing.
Clues, available in the forms of 'First Letter', 'Vowel and 'Consonant', can be used to help players when they need a hint. However, a good strategy is needed when using these clues, as they cost a few in-game coins. Don't worry though, as you are given more than enough free coins to get you started. Players are also rewarded with coins for completing levels – and for winning a game.
✔️ Five difficulty levels
✔️ Play offline - great for transit
✔️ Common to both British and U.S. English
✔️ standard English words that are in common use today
✔️ Only adjectives, adverbs, common nouns & present tense verbs
All words can be found in both Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries.
⛔️ No plurals
⛔️ No names of places or people
⛔️ No academic or obscure words
⛔️ No past tense, present continuous or third person verbs
"Thoughtfully crafted" - "Fast paced" - "Can be deceptively challenging!"
Over 10000 unique words, all checked to be US and UK English friendly."
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Android; Windows Phone; Windows Phone 8